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(Vasopressin Injection, USP)

Therapeutic Class: Vasopressor






Fill Volume

Pack Size



Order Entry Number

42023-164-25 20 units/mL 3 mL SDV 1 mL 25 Y Y
ABC 10145143
Cardinal 5033428
McKesson 3424330
M&D 913442
42023-190-01 200 units/10mL 10mL MDV 10 mL 1 N Y
ABC 10173721
Cardinal 5324769
McKesson 3626108
M&D 884478


Now up to 12 months out of refrigeration. 1

* Product Requires Refrigeration  /  PI=Prescribing Information  /  SUV = Single Use Vial  /  SDV = Single Dose Vial  /  MDV = Multi Dose Vial  /  N/A: Not Applicable  /  LF: Latex Free  /  PF: Preservative Free; /  ABC: AmerisourceBergen  /  M&D: Morris & Dickson

1 Vials may be held up to 12 months upon removal from refrigeration to room temperature storage conditions (20°C to 25°C [68°F to 77°F], USP Controlled Room Temperature), anytime within the labeled shelf life. Once removed from refrigeration, unopened vial should be marked to indicate the revised 12 month expiration date. If the manufacturer's original expiration date is shorter than the revised expiration date, then the shorter date must be used. Do not use Vasostrict beyond the manufacturer's expiration date stamped on the vial.

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